About Bagllet

About us

Bagllet = bag + wallet.

The etymology of the brand name is a combination of the word Bag and the ending of the word Wallet.

The brand name is a reference to the history of the brand, which began with the creation of leather wallets and backpacks, and continued with the creation of women's handbags.

Bagllet is a Ukrainian brand with local production in Kyiv, founded in 2013.

Inspired by the rhythms of life in Ukrainian cities, we create basic bags and accessories made of genuine leather for women who look for beauty and aesthetics in everyday life, are conscious of themselves and the world around them, and who value quality and reliability in things.

In the process of designing, we rethink global trends and the concept of quality in handbag production, creating basic yet sophisticated accessories. In the context of the dynamics of urban life, we give women the simplicity of elegance that never fails. We are visionaries of timeless aesthetics. Bagllet will become the foundation of any wardrobe for years: the relevance of the design will not disappear with one of the trends, and the strength and quality of our products guarantee their durability.

Our main value in creating handbags and accessories is design, from sketching to the high-quality execution of the model. We don't just select the best materials, durable fittings, and strong water-repellent leather, but make sure that the materials are fully consistent with our sewing technology. This approach ensures that the product will retain its original appearance for many years and will not let its owner down.

Using the hashtag #bagllet, you can easily find reviews and photos of our customers, and you can see our profile marks in the photo below.